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Burning Batteries?

Timing is everything. I am working with a client that has invented, and is developing the prototype battery that has 2x the power of the Tesla/Panasonic unit, at 1/2 the cost. It is Saline based, so HAS NO FLAMMABILITY ISSUES. We are in the seed round stage to erect a commercial lab to begin the manufacturing development.
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Chuck Scifers
VP Business Development
MetaMatrix Groupe – SCORE – SBDC
3206 Lamond Ct
San Jose,  CA  95148

408-705-1010 Direct

“Concepts to Customers”



Hi Folks,

This is my first blog on my first blog site. Chuck’s Challenge is just what it says. The site challenges me to post meaningful, current and interesting content so that I may learn and broaden my own knowledge and experience. The site challenges you to read, think,communicate and exchange ideas with the community.

I will introduce content subjects, but I also encourage you to introduce ideas and subjects that are of concern.  I hope that we can develop a meaningful and rewarding community.

Subject ideas that you would like to discuss?

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